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Europ Assistance is leading the way with the creation of the Europ Assistance First Selected Green Network automotive universe for its customers – the first pan-European network accredited by green service providers, which offers environmentally friendly services such as electric or low C02 transport, bicycle hire etc. The Group is also working on an offer dedicated to owners and drivers of electric cars.

The depression in the global automotive market is a reflection of the changing relationship between people and their cars. Motorists are looking for clean, economical vehicles, and they increasingly view the automobile as a service. Today is about internationalisation, loyalty and assistance service packages.

Automotive manufacturer seeks unique yet multiple partner

Europ Europ Assistance is boosting its positioning as a “mirror” partner offering its partners roadside assistance that is increasingly comprehensive and personalised, allowing Nissan, for example, to strengthen an exclusive partnership deal for roadside assistance in 26 European countries. The services offered include accommodation for the motorist and their family, or a replacement vehicle if the repairs cannot be carried out in situ. An assistance and concierge service contract has been signed for Nissan GT-R sports cars in 18 European countries. Nissan Europe and Europ Assistance are also partners in Argentina.

Fiat Group Automobile brands offer their customers immediate roadside assistance in the event of a problem or accident, a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown, alternative solutions for reaching destination, and medical assistance in twelve European countries (16 worldwide). Roadside assistance is offered for the Fiat Ducato Camper in 35 European countries.

Customers in Argentina, Brazil, India and China can also count on Europ Assistance.

Kawasaki has also chosen Europ Assistance as partner for new vehicles in France, the United Kingdom (via the RAC), Sweden (via Falck), Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Italy. Mazda has renewed its trust in Europ Assistance in Germany and now entrusts it with roadside assistance for new vehicles in Portugal.

Warranty extensions and loyalty building

Preserving customers’ peace of mind beyond the standard warranty, or even extending it to used vehicles for automotive manufacturers and distributors is a key loyalty driver. Europ Assistance is responsible for Hyundai’s warranty extension for new vehicles from three to five years in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Europ Assistance also manages Ford’s SAWA (Service Activated Warranty and Assistance) service in Poland, as well as the warranty extension contract for new KTM motorbikes in key countries such as Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, in addition to the existing partnership for new-vehicle roadside assistance in Europe. Europ Assistance also covers warranties for Nissan used vehicles in Portugal and Spain and extended warranty in India and for Renault’s used vehicles in 11 countries, and for BMW’s in Portugal.